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Remembering Okoboji - Solace

I remember the water; I remember the paths

I remember the pain of falling on my

Way to the cottage and then to the hall

I remember the egg salad, chicken, and all

The flies and mosquitoes, the rain and the heat.

The puddles and dew, wet bottoms and feet.

I remember the pasta in sweet Bolognese

And the look from the server when I asked, “is it cheese?”

The museum of cars was delightful to see

I wish I had money to buy two or three.

I remember so well when they all were brand new.

But honestly could I have been more than two?

My memory’s just fine I recall all the faces

And even the Register folks from all places

Poets and writers and columnists too

We gathered together to see who we knew.

The famous so friendly, the newbies so free

And we swore to come back in twenty twenty-thee.

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