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Perhaps It's the Season

I've been writing limericks and other fun poems lately. It's stress-free writing and so enjoyable!

A Clerihew

As Agent James Bond, Sean Connery Was gorgeous but always quite onery With lovely blue eyes, he was every girl's spy You can count me as one of them, honestly.

I loved a young fellow named Ed

Who I took every night to my bed

Together we ate cauliflower and bread

Till the smell was so bad my Ed fled

My daughter was born in a day

She came on the 14th of May

She never would work; she's a bit of a jerk

The result of a romp in the hay. (with apologies to my lovely, professional daughter)

Mary Ellen was a nurse

Who had a gun inside her purse

When patients moaned or screamed in pain

She shot them first with Novocaine.

Willie was a careless lad

He didn't care if he was bad

He tied his siter to a tree

and took a bat and broke her knee.

Little Willie such a mess

Spoiled his sister's wedding dress

When she caught him by the cuff

She cut his little fingers off.

There once was a poet named Pat

Couldn't write her way out of a hat

But she stumbled along making rhymes into song

although no one appreciated that.

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