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Nature's War

Pat Tyrer

From far beneath the frozen soil the iris pushes high,

Extending wide it reaches up to touch the sun and sky.

Yet in the greening of the grass, the snows of winter stay

as northern winds descend again to keep the spring away.

The winds remain and daily howl but spring will have her day

she’ll yet appear with sweeter breezes driving cold away.

The daffodil will blossom forth and join the bitter fray

Of sleeting crystals frozen quick whose razors flowers splay.

Again the sun consorts with spring to bring the birds to nest

Mesquite trees bloom and signal all that winter’s now at rest.

And all abide these rules of war, old winter takes his bed

And spring consorts with Mother Sun ‘till summer rears her head.

Previously published in The Society of Classical Poets

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